Vidjet is a video player for e-commerce stores. I was the first hire of this e-commerce startup. My mission was to turn the MVP into a polished, fully functional product. The front-end was done in Vue.js and the back-end uses a combination of Node.js + Express.js + a myriad of AWS services like S3, CloudFront, Lambda, MediaConvert (among others).

In two years, the company grew to over 8 employees and has a valuation of over $4M.


Pol has been our first employee at Vidjet and helped us to build the first version of our web app. With best-in-class UI/UX standards, Pol participated in building a scalable interface that we still use today. Pol also challenged us to make the right trade-offs, along with making sure we do not create technical debt.
photo of Baptiste Nicolas
Baptiste Nicolas
CEO & Co-founder, Vidjet
I had the pleasure working for almost two years alongside Pol at Vidjet. Not only Pol is a very competent fullstack developer but also a team player. When I started at Vidjet I was an inexperienced developer and Pol helped along the way. Teaching best practices and making me improve my code PR after PR. I can only wish him the best after our common adventure.
photo of Thibault Manchon
Thibault Manchon
Freelance developer, Vidjet

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